How I Recreated a Movie Poster

I ended up doing a really fun project this weekend. I recently saw the new movie poster for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and decided to recreate it with my friends. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed trying to apply the same angles, lighting, and posing as the people who actually made the poster. 

One part of this project that made things really interesting was working with all my friends. It was really fun, but also really easy for everyone to get distracted and accidentally move. The cold weather kept us motivated to move quickly, though!

From there, I took several shots of us until I got one I really liked. Once on my computer, I worked on taking a picture of my roommate and putting here in the picture with the rest of us.


From there, it was just a matter of bringing the file into Lightroom to edit the photo and adding all of the graphics in Illustrator. We were all so happy with how it turned out!


Want to see more recreated movie posters? Here is my friend Yordan’s take on the “A Knight’s Tale” movie poster!

Click here to see Yordan’s Behance post!